The infamous Star Trek Motto, “to boldly go where no man has gone before”, rings true for icon Nichelle Nichols as she is the subject of Todd Thompson’s documentary Woman in Motion.

The poster of Woman in Motion

Woman in Motion takes a deep dive into Nichols’ unique and groundbreaking career and the destined turn it took.

From TV stardom as Lieutenant Uhura of Star Trek notoriety, to becoming a recruiter for the NASA astronaut training program due to the lack of diversity; her amazing story is told elaborately through archival video footage, photographs, and several interviews.

Nichols’ story is intertwined with interviews from her Star…

The Fallout: SXSW Film Review

Vada (Jenna Ortega) in the pool with Mia (Maddie Ziegler).

“The Fallout” is Megan Park‘s exceptional feature film debut that delivers a powerful, emotional and realistic look into trauma through the eyes of high school student, Vada and her three classmates Mia, Quinton and Nick as well as her family.


Vada (Jenna Ortega) believes that this day is just another school day. She’s late to school as she gets coffee with her best friend Nick (Will Ropp) as they turn up to “Conversations” by Juice World on the way to school. She has a sweet but awkward phone call in the hallway…

There is a popular saying in the Black community: “Everybody wants to be Black, until it’s time to be Black”. The insulting practice of Blackface allowed (and still allows) non-Black people to do just that. Imagine staring at a screen — big or small — and seeing someone portraying Black culture and getting it completely wrong.

The burnt cork, and later black grease paint, emphasized the character’s dark skin, which was embellished further with googly eyes. The white, pink or red lip paint emphasized the stereotype that black people have big lips. These characters also wore tatty clothes signifying…

Avia Knighten

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